We provide comprehensive solar training for:


Suntuity Solar is one of the leading residential solar companies across the nation with thousands of installations completed.

Through the Solar Academy, we’ll teach you how to build rapport with eligible homeowners and offer them affordable, price-protected solar power for the next 25 years.


Suntuity develops and deploys commercial scale solar solutions in almost every US state that currently supports renewable energy.

If you think you have what it takes to become a member of our commercial development team, we’ll teach you all the federal and state incentives available to provide your commercial clients with the most competitive investment pricing in the market with a return on investment typically in under three years.

If you’re more interested in the backend operations of solar, we’ll train you on how to complete project milestones once the sale has been completed. You’ll learn how to do anything from permitting to system design, commissioning, installation scheduling and system activation.


If you already have a roofing background, installing rooftop solar may be a perfect career move for you. Suntuity Solar offers comprehensive and interactive rooftop solar installation trainings to ensure that our service is best-in-class and as efficient as possible.

Ground mount

In addition to rooftop solar, all installers should be trained on installing ground mounts as well. While a more invasive installation which required in-ground piping, this is a great skill to have once it is mastered. Solar farms are on the rise and may be the future for energy, especially because not all roofs qualify for solar.


If you’re interested in system monitoring, we’ll show you the ins and outs of the daily software we use and what to do if you discover a panel isn’t performing.


Our service management team will train you on how to fix any solar system-related issue that may occur following an installation. From panel replacement to new racking, repairs are essentially an extension of our system installation training.